Two Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes People Make


Here are two common mistakes people make when doing kitchen renovations.

They assume their new kitchen island will serve as a replacement for their kitchen table

Sometimes, people who decide to add islands to their kitchens do so with the intention of using the island as a replacement for their kitchen table. Whilst this can work out well in some circumstances, it's often better to have an island as well as a table in a kitchen (if there is room for both). For example, if a homeowner doesn't have a separate dining room table in another area but instead has been dining at the table in their kitchen, they might find that their new island doesn't quite replace this table.

Whilst an island that has an overhang and some bar stools can serve as a great place to enjoy quick meals, sitting on a stool and dining in this way is not usually comfortable enough for more lengthy meals consisting of several courses. This also doesn't always work well for dinner parties where the host might want the dining experience to be more formal. This is particularly true if there is a sink integrated into the island, as whilst this is a very practical feature, dining just a few inches from a sink (whose drain might occasionally get whiffy) won't make eating a meal particularly pleasurable. As such, if a person wants to put an island in their kitchen during their renovations and doesn't have a very large kitchen, they should consider having a very compact island constructed that will leave enough floor space for a table as well.

They don't add storage compartments into their integrated furniture

Another error people make sometimes during the renovation of their kitchens is not building storage compartments into their integrated furniture. For example, if a person decides to have a bench seat built into their kitchen, they could have this bench seat designed so that its interior is hollow and the seat itself is hinged so that it can be lifted up and items can be placed inside this hollow area.

Choosing not to do this is usually a mistake, as the kitchen is one area of a home where a very large number of items usually need to be stored (including not only food and drink but also dinnerware, glasses, cutlery, food preparation gadgets, table linens, tea towels and cleaning products, to name just a few) and so having lots of storage space in this room is an absolute must. This type of 'hidden' storage within the kitchen furniture is also ideal for homeowners who want their kitchens to have that minimalist aesthetic but who still have a lot of household items that they have to keep in this area.

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5 July 2022

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