3 Tips for Buying a High-Quality Mattress


When it is time to move out of your parents' home, you need to make several decisions regarding independent living. Choosing a quality mattress is one of the decisions you must make to sleep like a baby every night. However, finding a high-quality mattress can be exhausting. You must navigate different stores and online platforms, pondering which mattress suits all your needs. Rather than go through all the trouble, here is a simple guide to help you choose a high-quality mattress.

Match Your Weight 

The first consideration you should make when shopping for a mattress is your weight. People have unique physiques, which influence the amount of support and rate of wear on a mattress. For instance, if you are overweight, you need a mattress that offers extra supports to your lumber region. It helps prevent back and joint pains when you wake up. Moreover, standard mattresses tend to wear fast for heavier people, which might warrant costly regular replacements. Most importantly, the mattress you choose should offer adequate support, whether you are thin, of average build or overweight.

Bed Height 

Today, manufacturers make thicker mattresses compared to a few decades ago. It is meant to make mattresses feel and look premium. However, thick modern mattresses can add significant height to your bed. If you already have a high bed, adding a thick mattress can make it uncomfortable for short people. For example, a combination of a high bed and a thick mattress can be unsafe for children. Therefore, examine your bed's height before you spend big on that thick mattress you have always wanted. Ideally, thick mattresses are suitable for low-profile beds. If you must use a bed foundation, ensure that it is low profile as well. In contrast, you need a mattress of average thickness if you have a high bed. 

Medical Condition 

Joint pains from conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis can be debilitating, making sleeping a nightmare for most people. In such cases, you want a mattress with a soft surface to relieve pressure points that cause pain. For instance, if you suffer from pelvic pain, a mattress with a soft surface will accommodate the contour of your body around the waist region. Consequently, it improves the quality of sleep. It is advisable to consult a doctor when choosing a mattress for a person with joint pain conditions. Besides, experts can even recommend suitable bedding for specific medical conditions.

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7 May 2021

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