Two Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing Furniture for Your Commercial Office Fit-Out Project


If you are planning to carry out a commercial fitout in your office and need to select some furniture for this project, you should keep the following tips in mind.

Put aside plenty of your project funds for office chairs

It is extremely important to ensure that you have enough money set aside from your project fund for several well-made office chairs. These chairs should feature lumbar support cushions as well as padded armrests and should be upholstered with fabric that is very high quality.

These features are important because these chairs will be sat on by the people who work in your office for several hours each day. As such, they must be designed to ensure the comfort and well-being of these people. If, for example, the chairs you choose lack any form of lumbar support (or feature low-quality lumbar cushioning which is not very supportive), it is very likely that the employees who sit in them will eventually develop lower back pain.

Likewise, if the chairs are upholstered with cheap, thin material, the sections of this material on the parts of the chairs that are most frequently touched (like the armrests, for example) will eventually tear, leaving the stuffing underneath exposed. Furthermore, due to the fact that cheap upholstery fabric found on economy office chairs tends to have an unpleasantly rough, scratchy texture, it may make those who sit on these chairs feel very uncomfortable. The discomfort caused by their back pain and the feeling of the rough fabric against their skin may make it harder for your employees to concentrate on their work.

Make sure the furniture is designed to allow for easy and safe navigation of the office space

If the people who work in your office often need to walk across it to speak to their colleagues, use the photocopier, print out documents or perform other tasks, then it's important to keep this in mind when choosing the furniture for your office fit-out.

For example, it is sensible to check the length of any desks that you are thinking of buying before you purchase them to ensure that they are not too long. If they are so long that they protrude out into the main 'walkway' in your office, people may end up bumping into them and sustaining bruises and scratches as a result.

Likewise, you should ensure that the desks you buy feature cable holes so that the cables from the computers on these surfaces can be tucked through these openings and then kept under the desks, instead of being left strewn across the floor next to them. This will reduce the risk of people tripping over these cables when they walk by these desks.


19 March 2019

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