Five Reasons Teak Is a Fabulous Material for Furniture in Tiny Houses


Choosing furniture for your tiny house can be challenging. You need furniture that fits into and complements your tiny space as well as furniture that performs more than one function, such a a dining table that converts into a guest bed. In many cases, teak may be one of the best options. Here's a look at why:

1. Long lasting

In exchange for the relatively high price of teak compared to some other types of wood furniture, you receive a lot of value. Teak stands the test of time, promising to last significantly longer than many other types of furniture and requiring very little care. If sustainability is at the heart of your design, that's definitely something you want to keep in mind. 

2. Potential for build ins

One of the best ways to furnish tiny homes effectively is by building the furniture into the walls. This approach works for everything from countertops, to tables, to beds, to staircases, to chests of drawers. As teak is a sturdy wood, you can easily integrate it into the frame and walls of your home more effectively than you can with plywood, plastics, upholstered furniture or many other options. Additionally, because it's long lasting, you don't have to worry about the built-in teak furniture needing to be replaced before your home wears out.

3. Inspired by boat living

Many tiny home builders like to take inspiration from other small spaces, and boats are a great place to start. Teak has long been a feature on ships and boats, and if you want a tiny home that feels a bit like the cabin of a boat, integrating teak simply makes sense from both a style and a functional standpoint. 

4. Indoor and outdoor

Teak can work as indoor or outdoor furniture. That way, if you have teak furniture inside (that isn't built into your walls), and you want to throw a party outside, you can easily just haul it outside. Conversely, if you have a porch full of teak patio furniture and you want to bring it inside, it's easily classy and stylish enough so that it won't look odd indoors.  

5. Versatile pieces

Whether you are using teak or another type of wood, wood lends itself to versatility. For example, you could have a firm teak chair that you use whilst working at your desk. Then, when you want to be comfortable, you can pop comfy cushions on it and turn it into your lounge chair for the evening. 

For more information, contact retailers like The Teak Place. 


8 August 2016

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