Why Teak Would Be Great for Outdoor Café Chairs


If you are searching for aesthetically appealing yet durable outdoor café chairs, then teak would be an ideal choice. Not only can this type of furniture withstand seasonal weather changes, it is also quite comfortable. Granted, teak is one of the more expensive types of wood you could purchase but you can be assured of the longevity of your furniture pieces. Here are some of the reasons why teak furniture would be great for outdoor café chairs.

Teak furniture is low maintenance

With most species of wood, you would have to take preventative measures to ensure that they do not prematurely succumb to decay or pest infestations. Teak's innate oil content is extremely high. These natural oils not only make it moisture resistant, but it also repels insects thus reducing the risk of insect damage to the wood. In addition to this, since teak is grown in tropical conditions, it also has a better chances of resisting the growth of mould and mildew when compared to other species of wood as long as it gets a chance to completely dry. It should be noted though that teak is not immune to mould. If measures are not taken to dry out the wood when it has been exposed to water, then mould may start forming. These characteristics make teak low maintenance, as you do not have to pretreat or seal the wood to ensure that it remains in pristine condition.

Teak is attractive and blends well with the outdoors

The aesthetic appeal of teak is another reason why it is great for the outdoors. Its natural honey hue blends naturally with nature so you can rest assured that your furniture will not seem conspicuous when used outdoors. Over time, the teak may develop patina. Patina refers to a silvery hue that comes about due to natural weathering of the teak wood. Patina also naturally blends in with the environment.

Point of note

It should be noted that if you would like to use teak furniture, take measures to ensure that you are not contributing to deforestation. Only seek out teak furniture that has been harvested from regulated teak forests. These forests only harvest the teak from older, mature teak trees. The wood harvested, typically referred to as Grade A teak, is located in the inner rings of the oldest trees. Thus, only mature trees that have reached a specified girth will be harvested.

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18 May 2016

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