6 Reasons an Armchair Should Be Part of Your Bedroom Furniture


When you think of bedroom furniture, an armchair probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. However, bedroom armchairs are becoming more popular, and it's not hard to see why once you understand the benefits. Here are just six reasons you should add an armchair to your bedroom.

1. Complement Styling Choices

Firstly, a bedroom armchair is perfect for complementing styling choices and bringing the room's atmosphere together. You can choose upholstery that matches the colour of your sheets or brings out the colours in your wallpaper. Adding another item that can be styled in a different way really helps your bedroom décor pop. 

2. Soften the Room

Your bed should be one of the most comfortable items in your home, but the rest of your bedroom furniture is probably designed solely for storage. As such, bedrooms can often feel a little too dull and impersonal. Adding an armchair to one corner will help soften the room, making it seem homier while filling in a potentially dark corner.

3. Add a Temporary Storage Spot

Even though you have plenty of storage spots in your bedroom, it's often tough to find a place for things you need soon but not right away. You can use your armchair to drape clothes you're going to wear tomorrow or items you wore today that don't need to be washed yet.

4. Make Putting on Shoes Easier

Putting on shoes can be a chore when they're quite tight, and sitting on your bed is going to leave a crease in your perfectly made sheets. Having an armchair provides a comfortable and convenient place to get on your favourite footwear.

5. Create a Social Bedroom

Some people like to change through different outfits and ask a friend's opinion, so the bedroom can be a social place instead of simply one where you sleep and get dressed. If you want your bedroom to feel a touch more social, adding an armchair is going to help.

6. Provide a Private Sanctuary

If you have children, your shared living areas are probably dominated by them. That could mean toys on the floor, kid's shows on the telly or a bunch of young friends over to play. With that in mind, why not turn your bedroom into your own private sanctuary? When you want to get away from it all to read a book or simply sit back and relax, you'll always have somewhere to go.


24 April 2018

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